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  • 2. Wintersun en concert

    13 November 2010
    Kai Hahto vient juste de révéler, sur son compte facebook, que Wintersun assurera au moins quatre shows en 2011, dont le Metal Camp. Voici ses mots:

    "Wintersun will be playing 4 shows at least next year..3 Metalfest shows in May 2011 and also Metalcamp 2011..That´s good news..:) (....) Time has progressed very well and we hope that we can start mixing in december..but the shows are confirmed and after the new album is out we start playing more actively..let´s see what happens next year. :)"


  • 3. Annonce de Jari

    17 November 2010
    Voici la toute dernière déclaration de Jari sur le site officiel (http://www.wintermadness.net):

    "Hi everyone! It´s been a while.

    I´ve been working very hard with the synths&orchestrations
    and I can finally say that I´m feeling very positive about finishing
    this long and gruesome task by christmas. So hopefully around The End of December I can finally start mixing the album. I still have a few vocal parts unfinished, but I will be singing them Meanwhile I'm mixing.

    The only problem about the mixing is that my current computer gear
    simply cannot handle these insanely huge projects. And the other
    problem is that I have no money for new gear. So we have discussed about this problem with our label&management and they have agreed to help us with an advance to buy new and more powerful computer gear, but only if we agree to play a few shows and show people that Wintersun is still alive. So after carefully weighting all the different possibilies, we think we need to play these shows to help the completion of the album.

    The shows will be for now:

    Metalfest (3 shows)
    Metalcamp (1 show)

    There´s lot of work and preparation to do for these shows, ´cause we have to update our live gear as well, sort out technical difficulties and of course rehearse the songs. This will most likely affect negatively with the mixing schedule, so I can´t give any predictions with that yet. I also need to try out the new computer gear first and see how it handles these projects. The software is still not 64-bit, so the "infamous 4GB RAM limit" might also be a problem with the mixing, since these projects already eat about 3GB without any plugins. But I will do my best to overcome this challenge the fastest way I can.

    See you at the gigs! Who knows, we might even play one new riff… I mean Song! ;)

    Jari, Kai, Teemu & Jukkis "

    En résumé, Jari pense terminer le mixage et l'enregistrement des voix fin décembre. Il explique que ses problèmes personnels, des problèmes techniques et financiers l'ont énormément retardé. Nuclear Blast a accepté d'aider le groupe financièrement à condition qu'ils fassent quelques concerts pour montrer que Wintersun est toujours bien là. Cela va bien entendu ralentir la finition de l'album donc il ne peut donner de date précise quant à la sortie de Time, mais il reste optimiste.

    Le Metal Camp 2011 se déroulera du 10 au 17 juillet à Tolmin en Slovénie.

    Les trois shows du Metal Fest où le groupe sera présent se dérouleront en Autriche, en Allemagne et en Suisse, fin mai 2011.


  • 1. Site Wintersun en ligne

    30 October 2010
    Après une semaine de codage, le site Wintersun est en ligne ! De nouveaux contenus seront régulièrement ajoutés.

    Les biographies, photos, vidéos, interviews et annuaire sont déjà complétés.